Industrial blues? Electro blues? Indie Blues?

 These are some of the words that one could use to define Caustic Roll’s Dave music, which is a  mighty cocktail of industrial-boom with the Devil’s blues, electro break-beats with haunting harmonicas and lo-fi loops with southern slide.

Caustic Roll Dave may be a blues-man, but much more than in the traditional sense many have come to know. There are no retreads or artificial posturing here. No posers, only realness. Although honouring the blues and its sound and glory, there is a new rawness and urgency created in part by the combination of the old-school, the retro-cool and the modern post-blues.

 In 2011 he released the stunning debut album LONG TERM MUSIC (Philatelia Records, 2011), where he presented the foundation of the Caustic Sound. Thirteen soul-crunching songs,  with a myriad of nuances to savour. Influences from the blues, folk, hip hop plus doses of psychedelia, And all recorded and produced with a DIY spirit by Caustic Roll Dave’s himself.

 The following two years Caustic Roll Dave presented the album live throughout Spain, Portugal and France, with a one-man-band set that stands to impress even the most jaded of music loving audiences. On-stage Dave uses guitars, vintage keyboards, loops, beat-boxing, harmonicas, and many other tricked out, hacked up instruments that dazzle the crowds from start to finish at every show, like an old hell-fire preacher or snake-handeler.

 APPROACHING NOISE, Caustic Roll Dave’s second album, was released on March 2014. The underground artist returns to take steps further with his trademark sound, and the foundation of blues becomes just one more fiery ingredient to mix in with the rest of the caustic artillery. Combinations that could appear loco to some but in Approaching Noise they  flow in an overwhelming way: mashed-up melodies, distorted drum beats, hazy harmonicas, hip hop scratches, primitive guitars, old cavaquinhos, vintage technology, and folksy sounds. All under a raw fierce production from the Caustic Roll Dave’s laboratory in Barcelona and mastered by Mike Mariconda in Austin, Texas.

 The Approaching Noise tour began early 2014 and still is on the road. He has brought causticity everywhere, from tiny dark venues to large festivals with more than 100 shows behind him

 So don’t miss out this time!!!

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